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Campus Life at E.I.


E.I. sits in downtown St. Louis in the middle of a newly renovated neighborhood that borders the home of the St. Louis Rams, The St. Louis Cardinals and The Gateway Arch. While the campus life extends beyond the Institutes’ rustic brick building and into the city, the environment inside is one you cannot find anywhere else. Students are always hard at work whether it’s by themselves propped up against the wall with headphones thinking deeply about their latest project, or in small groups collaborating over something that they believe has immense potential. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll sometimes get a glimpse, or a sound, of LIVE dance classes going on.

During school hours you can find students filtering their way in and out of the institute, most of which with headphones on, being inspired by an instructor or a certain course. If you make your way up to the higher levels of the building you will be graced with numerous classrooms and lounges where students are hard at work putting their newly acquired skills to the test. You’ll also stumble upon Studio-X through some thick sound-proof glass where you can quickly identify the professionalism the students are displaying in such a short time. The equipment E.I provides is the best the industry offers and that too is a reason why our students are dedicated – because they have the tools to make them successful. Some days there is even LIVE instrument players and singers in the studio recording, mixing and engineering something great.

No two days are ever the same at E.I. You will see new people, hear new things and learn new concepts and techniques about the entertainment industry.

Tour The City


St. Louis E.I. - Experience StL

Award Winning Food & Night Life

St. Louis is home to a rich mix of cultures and culinary interests. From Italian and German fare to Bosnian and Vietnamese cuisine, there’s something to satisfy every craving at the hundreds of one-of-a-kind restaurants dotting the city’s culinary landscape. After dark you can explore the same landmarks with tons of LIVE bands and late-night clubs with some great, safe atmospheres.

St. Louis E.I. - Experience StL

Enjoyable City Atmospheres

St. Louis is known for having big excitement in a small city. Whether you find yourself watching the parade marching by, wandering through a festival on the weekend, or just sitting at the park buried in a book, there’s always something going on that provides first-time, enjoyable atmospheres for everyone from all walks of life.

St. Louis E.I. - Experience StL

Sports & Entertainment

Experience professional sports and entertainment the St. Louis way! There’s a reason why top publications (Bleacher Report, US News, Sporting News, Yahoo) have ranked St. Louis as one of the most passionate and electric sports cities in America. The love the city has for their sports teams is unrivaled. St. Louis ranks in the top 10 for most championships among the major sports.

Ex'Treme Institute Business School in St. Louis

Outdoors & Nature

St. Louis is known for simply having things to do. Enjoy outdoor social environments such as Forest Park, Jewel Box, World’s Fair Pavilion, water parks, the St. Louis Zoo, Delmar Loop, Six Flags, frequent fairs & festivals, city art located just about everywhere, brewery/wine tours, live music and tons of shopping centers.

Where to Stay During Your Visit


Hampton Inn

333 Washington Avenue, Saint Louis, MO 63102
Short walking distance from E.I.
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Four Seasons Hotel St. Louis

999 North Second Street, Saint Louis, MO 63102
Short walking distance from E.I.
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Drury Inn & Suites St. Louis Convention Center

711 North Broadway, Saint Louis, MO 63102
Short walking distance from E.I.
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Crowne Plaza St. Louis – Downtown

200 N 4th St, St. Louis, MO 63102
Short walking distance from E.I.
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