The Institute’s graphic design courses and series are designed with the intent of providing hands-on learning under supervision of industry experts, and a self-taught mode of learning is utilized to train students in a variety of techniques. While students are able to take individual classes, course series also are suggested as a way to provide students direction in building useful skill sets. For additional information regarding courses or series, including pricing information, please refer to the course catalog.

Some advanced skill courses require prerequisite courses, prerequisite series, or skill assessments prior to registration.

GA 101 - Video Creation Editing Software

20 Hours • $700

This course focuses on familiarizing students with Apple software for creating and editing video and audio. Students will be introduced to Final Cut Pro and Motion, which will allow them to create and edit videos with audio. Students also will be instructed in the use of DVD Studio Pro and iDVD, which will allow them to store their projects in a presentable manner on a disc. Those unfamiliar with Mac OS X will be provided introductory training to familiarize them with the operating system.

GA 102 - iWork Applications

20 Hours • $560

This course focuses on teaching students the basics of Apple’s iWork software package, which includes Pages, Keynote, and Numbers. Students will learn to use the word processing and page layout capabilities of Pages to create impressive documents to present for a variety of purposes. Using Numbers, Apple’s spreadsheet application, students will learn to create charts and tables to easily enter, track, and compute data. During Keynote training, students will learn to use the application to create impactful, powerful presentations.

GA 103 - Great Tools/Apps for Retention

 20 Hours • $570

Enhance your ability to retain information by using your Apple device. This course will focus on teaching students to operate devices, transfer content, and convert media. Additionally, students will learn to use Notetaking and Voice Memo to record, share, and archive content. This course may prove particularly attractive to individuals with disabilities who desire extra functionality from their devices.

GA 104 - What's on your ebookshelf

20 Hours • $570

Learn to use your iPad or other Apple device to read, format, download, produce, and publish electronic books and articles. Students will be taught how to convert lectures, notes, journals, PDFs, HTML, WORD documents, and more into proper formats readable on such devices.

GA 105 - Get the Most Out of Social Media

20 Hours • $540

Your Apple device is a great tool to collaborate with others. Learn to use your device as a tool to enhance your business, marketing, or simply in your daily life. Students will learn a variety of skills including how to connect to social sites, receive RSS feeds, and post and download content from the Web.

GA 106 - Mac and PC Compatibilities

20 Hours • $570

This course focuses on the diversity in technology today and how to transfer, format, and download content from one system to another. Students will learn to share files between PCs and Apple devices and discover what files are not universal.

GA 107 - Audio Creation and Editing Software

20 Hours • $670

Students will be taught to create, import, and edit audio using Apple’s Garage Band, Soundtrack Pro, and Logic Pro. During training on each, students will learn both to use various editing effects and techniques to build projects and how to export audio into various formats to integrate work into other mediums such as videos and slideshows.

GA 108 - Apple Products

20 Hours • $700

In this introductory course, students will learn about Apple’s operating system, Mac OS X. Students will gain an understanding of how to use Apple devices including iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch with the operating system. This course will also explore the applications, such as iTunes, that work with each device.

GA 109 - Web Design

20 Hours • $560

Students are taught basic web design using iWeb, Apple’s website creation software application that does not use HTML coding. This course also will teach students to integrate their content with social media sites such as Google+ and Facebook. At the completion of the course, students will have the necessary knowledge to create and upload personal websites and blogs with ease.

GA 110 - Adobe Photoshop I

20 Hours • $610

Adobe Photoshop is an in-depth, image-editing program with extensive graphic capabilities. In this course, students will build the foundational skills necessary to design high-quality graphics. Specific skills taught will include: resizing images, painting, selecting and removing sections of an image, erasing, cloning sections of images, creating layers, utilizing layer effects, blending layers, and changing the output of the image to the desired form.

GA 111 - Adobe Photoshop II

20 Hours • $570

Utilizing the foundational skills learned in GA 110, this course will delve further into the potential of Adobe Photoshop. The emphasis in this course will be on specific topics such as photo restoration, preparing images for webpages, digital illustration, and image manipulation. Students will learn to use such tools as custom brushes and toolkits, channels, and levels. Also, techniques such as layer masking and textures, using visual effects to create depth of field, and isolation of images from a white background will be explored (Prerequisite GA 110).

GA 112 - Adobe Flash

20 Hours • $610

Adobe Flash is the industry leading software for creating interactive media in a webpage setting. This course will focus on building core skills required to create interactive pieces. Students will learn to: create and manipulate basic graphics and graphical objects; turn basic graphics into animations; add interactive elements; and publish a Flash movie. During the learning process, students will gain an understanding of storyboarding techniques, the difference between bitmap and vector images, and the utilization of Flash in online webpages.

GA 113 - Adobe Illustrator

20 Hours • $600

This course will focus on how to utilize the vector-based drawing program, Adobe Illustrator, to create a wide array of images and graphics. First, students will focus on establishing basic skills, such as how to utilize the toolbar functions to create a variety of shapes and color objects and how to use the pen tool to create custom paths. After establishing the basics, this course will delve into more complex concepts such as creating and working with layers, performing advanced object transformations, creating 3D effects, and blending objects together.

GA 114 - Adobe Dreamweaver

20 Hours • $610

Adobe Dreamweaver is a user-friendly, interface-based HTML editing and webpage building program. This course will teach students the necessary skills to plan, create, and maintain webpages. Students will begin by learning basic skills such as editing and integrating text, images, links, and tables into a website design. After gaining an understanding of the basics, this course will shift focus to more advanced skills such as creating and implementing Cascading Style Sheets, adding Flash movies to a website, and editing HTML content.

GA 115 - Adobe InDesign

20 Hours

This course will instruct students in the skills necessary to create visually captivating posters, brochures, and magazines using Adobe InDesign desktop publishing software. During the beginning of the course, instructors will familiarize students with the layout of the program and basic skills such as design techniques and manipulation of text, graphics, and layers. Students also will learn more advanced concepts such as creating nested styles, including interactive elements, and creating custom shapes.